I’m going out of my shell and using this photo for one of my class projects. I’ve never done anything like this until now.

Burning memories


Nothing lasts forever I guess…

Chasing pavements

Talk is cheap. I loved you. I still do. I’d do anything to have it back…

My words don’t mean anything to you.

I hate living a double life.


Hours before feeling like crap. I wish I could smile this way all the time, every day. Lately I’ve been holding tons of crap on my back. I’m too stressed. I want my own life.

My best friend


My aunt is like my best friend. Without her I don’t know where I would be. I can tell her anything on my mind.

I haven’t felt this way in a long time.


Ever since my tough break up, I haven’t had time to do the girly things I would do. I mean, I didn’t have anyone to impress. But today, I did it. Spent almost an hour just doing my make-up for my cousin’s baby shower. I never had been so happy just being with my family for awhile.

I want to stay a kid forever.


I miss being a kid. Never had to give a damn about what you looked like or who you were. Being a teenager sucks. I’m not ready to become an adult. I want to stay a kid forever.

I hate me.


I hate how lately I’ve been treating myself so bad. I’ve been so down lately. I’ve been serverly depressed and fustrated with a lot of things. I wish human beings didn’t have feelings. None of us would be hurt by a broken heart. I’m not myself anymore. I keep lying to myself. I keep lying to you. This isn’t me… Because I lost you.

Best McD Deal EVER


Though I was the only girl out of 7 guys, this was the funniest trip I’ve had to McD’s with them. Other costumer’s faces were priceless.